8LCA - Cantinella

Деревянный брусок для сценографии

Cantinella 50 x 25 мм
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Городской театр Комо Example of use of the Бруски in the installation of the parts of a black Кабинет (кулисы и падуги).Because of their structural limitations ...
... the Бруски require a multiplication of the suspension points, compared to the structures made with Алюминиевые фермы, and are also weaker than the Трубы для сценографии.On the other hand, they are endowed with an immediacy and flexibility of use which, in many cases, make them irreplaceable.
Défilé ''MFW'' The Бруски are indispensable in temporary installations that must be installed and disassembled in record time.The one in the picture was set up before dawn, used and dismantled at the end of the same day ...
... as is the case with many fashion shows.The skill and experience of the fitters are essential, but the use of simple and versatile traditional accessories such as the 4L - Деревянный ролик, the 3C - Пеньковый трос and the Бруски is very helpful.
Многофункциональный центр Brusaporto Cantinella used as a fixed Верхняя рейка of a light valance used to mask the track of a small Раздвижной занавес.
Декорации к музыкальному клипу The background was quickly set up by fixing some gold HLU - Lucilla fabric with a staple gun to some Cantinelle.The upholsterer used the stretched fabric, draping the пошив с вертикальными складками at the time of installation.
Cantinella 50 x 25 мм
The Cantinella is a softwood rod used to frame light scenographic elements and for countless other scenographic uses.
It is often used with Ручные подъемные системы where, supported by textile ropes usually bound with a clove hitch, it acts as a Верхняя рейка for fixing modest loads such as wings, borders, backdrops, light screens and frames with a width normally up to 4 m, which can be overcome by joining the more segments with a special procedure.
4 м
50 x 25 мм
± 650 г / м
± 2.600 г за единицу
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Cantinella 00. natural99. black

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