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С полихромным светом

ShowLED Chameleon Polychrome light LEDsOperation - - fixed light- shimmering light- flashing stroboscopic light The Звездные задники are made ...
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... two layers of fabric, a front one from which the LEDs come out and a lining.The fabrics of the standard version are:- front layer made of COT - Oscurante Teatro- lining made of HSV - Trevi.The distribution and power supply system for the LEDs is placed between the two layers ...
... and it's made of ultra-flexible cables with 4, 12 or 16 LEDs.The cables are equipped with male / female quick connectors and are thin, light, robust to the point of being almost indestructible and recoverable without tangling.The LEDs are attached to the back of the front fabric layer of the backdrops ...
... by means of WVE - Липучка disks.Every single LED can be replaced.The 4-pin LEDs of ShowLED Chameleon backdrops have a wide viewing angle reproduce the entire colour spectrum.They are managed through ...
... a special plug&play Conbox controller that manages up to 256 RGB LEDs, that is, with the standard density of about 6 LEDs per m², a backdrop of 42 m².By connecting several Conbox with the master-slave configuration, backdrops made up of multiple modules can be controlled as a single backdrop.
ShowLED Conbox The Conbox is DMX compatible with 2 modes:1 - programmed chases control with:.... minimum and maximum intensity.... speed of the chase.... pattern behavior of the chase2 - dimmer control of each of the output channels.It is RDM ready (to make DMX bi-directional).
In stand-alone mode (without other software) the Conbox manages:- the glitter effect- chase patterns- the strobe effect- the entire colour spectrum.The Conbox has:- 8 output channels with clip connectors- a memory where favourite settings can be saved.
Театр delle Erbe, ''Питер Пэн'' The starry sky is a ShowLED Chameleon backdrop.The Звездные задники are custom made.But they can also be made, more economically, with the assembly of standard modules already prepared ...
The ShowLED Chameleon Звездные задники are equipped with RGB LEDs that reproduce the entire colour spectrum
Standard backdrops
- front fabric made of COT - Oscurante Teatro
- lining made of HSV - Trevi
- other fabrics or materials on demand
- LEDs' feeding and distribution inside
- perimetric finishing with WVE - Липучка
Standard sizes
- 12 x 3 m
- 9 x 4 m
- 7 x 5 m
- custom sizes and shapes on demand

- standard density: 6 LEDs per m²
- RGB colours with wide viewing angle
- ultra-flexible cables with 4, 12 or 16 LEDs
- male / female quick connectors
- fixing with WVE - Липучка disks
- possibility of replacing each individual LED

Plug&Play ShowLED Conbox
DMX compatible with 8 output channels and 2 DMX modes:
- control of preset chases (movement of the light along a LED strip), including speed of movement, minimum / maximum intensity, pattern behaviour;
- complete control of each output channel
stand alone device
manually programmable
saving the settings directly into the controller
control up to 256 RGB ShowLED Chameleon LEDs
(42 m² with the standard density of 6 LEDs per m²)
several backdrops can be controlled when linked together

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Театр delle Erbe, ''Питер Пэн''

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