CFL - Flynight

Легкая блэкаут ткань

CFL - Flynight Черное матовое покрытие на одной стороне и черное полиэстер на другой.
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Lorenzo Jovanotti, ''Backup'' - Tour 2013 The stage in the background and its two winding offshoots that penetrate into the audience were laterally masked with a hundred black Сценические юбки ...
... made of CFL - Flynight fabric.The lightness of the fabric facilitated the assembly and disassembly operations of the numerous tour dates.
CFL - Flynight is a blackout fabric which, thanks to the black acrylic coating on the back side, produces a total barrier to light.
The degree of light absorption, on the other hand, is mainly produced by the black colour and it's not comparable to that of plushy fabrics or velvet.
The front side has such a tight weft that it is barely noticeable and to the touch one can guess its impermeability to water.
It acoustically contributes to the improvement of reverberation, but to a lesser extent than other blackout fabrics.
However, it has some peculiarities that, if needed, make it irreplaceable: it is the lightest of blackout fabrics, it is water repellent and it has excellent tear resistance.
Thanks to the coating it does not fray and it can be used with raw edges.
It must be sewed with precautions that are needed to prevent light from seeping through the seams.
It is mainly used for maskings, such as perimeter backdrops, Сценические юбки, blackout curtains, etc..
CWH - Whiteout is its version with a white front side.
Реакция на огонь
постоянный огнезащитный
UNI 9177 класса 1
DIN 4102 класс B1
NFP 92-503 класс M1
100% полиэстер
акриловое покрытие
135 г/м²
0,14 мм
305 см
± 50 м
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Прочность на разрыв
Rating 4.0
Rating 5.0 покрытие создает полный барьер
Поглощение света
Rating 2.5
Поглощение звука
Rating 1.5
Rating 2.0 благодаря покрытию
Подходит для росписи
Rating 0.5

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CFL - Flynight 99. чёрныйR. обратная сторона с матовым покрытием
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