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116. chroma key синий117. chroma key зеленый
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Виртуальная конференция Хромакей фон, 8 x h 3.40 m, made of 117. chroma key green ARI - Reps Ignitex Chroma fabric.The installation infinity cove (photographic limbo) type will be the common background for the characters who will be interviewed separately ...
... and then reunited in a virtual way.On the background, the interview with one of the participants in the conference and, on the central monitor, the real time chroma key composition of the scene as it will be seen by the viewers.
The ARI - Reps Ignitex Chroma fabric includes the colours for chroma key of the ARI - Reps Ignitex, see the general characteristics of the fabric at the previous link.
It is ideal for the creation of robust and functional cycloramas for chroma key with dimensions contained within 340 cm height, beyond what it is needed to join the strips with seams that can create some difficulty to chroma keying.
For seamless cycloramas up to 620 cm height, see ATR - Sceno Poly Chroma.
For cycloramas without visible seams of virtually unlimited size, see QCK - Cychroma.
Реакция на огонь
постоянный огнезащитный
EN 13501-1 класс B s1 d0
EN 13773 класс 1
UNI 9177 класс 1
Сертификат ИМО
100% полиэстер
270 г/м²
340 см
± 30 м
сложен пополам и свернут
Доступные цвета
см. атлас цветов

Rating 1.5
Поглощение света
Rating 2.5
Поглощение звука
Rating 2.0
Rating 1.0

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116. chroma key синий117. chroma key зеленый

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