Catedral de Pamplona

The designers Vaillo + Irigaray chose, for the preparation of the ''Sala de la Modernidad'', a woodcut with the scene of a nobleman received by the Queen: an image that symbolizes an whole era.
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The central part of the woodcut was stretched in order to double its proportions in height.The project foresees that the image has to be reproduced on ASC - Sceno с печатью, natural colour, on a surface of 690 m².
The backdrop made of ASC - Sceno с печатью will be installed in order to cover both the ceiling and the walls of the hall ...
... and then it will be made up ​​with пошив с вертикальными складками 100% in order to adjust its size to that of the hall.In that way, the original image in the woodcut, after being stretched, it will take its original proportions again.The final effect will be to wrap up an important part of the exhibition with a very representative ...
... but not immediately apparent image, that will act on the visitor almost subliminally.The ''Sala de la Modernidad'' with the backdrops made of ASC - Sceno с печатью with пошив с вертикальными складками 100%.
From Occidens, discover the origins:«The last great achievement of this journey is marked by liberal and democratic reforms ...»
«... that shaped the face of the modern Western world.They are making way in the underground during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, through the Ancien Régime ...»
«... which instrument of expression was the Baroque art.Those reforms seek ...»
Interiors & Exhibitions - Winner 2013
International Award of Design Core77 (New York)

Museum and Exhibitions - Winner 2013
FX International Interior Design Awards (London)

Dedicated to the roots of the western culture, the exhibition was prepared in the
Pamplona Cathedral, among the main monuments of Spain.
«Occidens is not a civilization or a geography, it is a mental territory representing a horizon of humanity, based on freedom, solidarity and dignity.
Occidens is the result of miscegenation. It has been built throughout history through the meeting between different civilizations rooted in antiquity (Athens, Rome, Jerusalem and the German Spirit), it was constructed through the Gregorian Reform in Medieval Christianity and reaches its fullness in the Modernity.
Democracy, critical rationality, rule of law, free economy based on private property, freedom of conscience, human rights and solidarity are achievements of the West.»

Design of the exhibition
Vaillo + Irigaray
Antonio Vaillo
Juan Luis Irigaray
Daniel Galar
Josecho Vélaz

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Occidens - Catedral de Pamplona

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