Театр Сан-Карло, ''Аида''


Проходной занавес made of 3S - Aida, a voluminous rope, with a 3.5 cm diameter, produced according to the indications by stage designer Benito Leonori to meet the needs of this scenography of which it is the characterizing element.The four large backdrops that surrounded the stage ...
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... and also this gigantic cube that is lowered here to its center were made of rope.
The 3S - Aida rope, which takes its name from this set-up for which it was created, took into account various needs.First of all the choreographic ones of the stage direction by Franco Dragone ...
... which required the ropes to have a soft texture, be very flexible and easy to manipulate.And set designer Benito Leonori, also, needed them to react effectively to lights and to projections and wanted them ...
... to have a grey colour suitable for the purpose.Hence his request to have the rope intertwined with a mélange of yarns in three different shades of grey chosen from those available.The technicians of the Teatro San Carlo on the other hand, having to carry out the setting up of the scenography in a short time ...
... demanded that the assembly of the ropes be quick and convenient, therefore they needed a fast hanging system to be developed.Above all, the technicians led by Pasqualino Marino needed the ropes to be fireproof and have a low specific weight, because the grid of the theater is the historical wooden one ...
... and it has a limited capacity: the weight of all the ropes used should not exceed 2,500 kg.Here one can see the central cube, on the right the rope curtain that separated the stage from the hall, while in the background one can see one of the side backdrops.In the foreground, some suspended elements of the scenography: a sculpture and a column ...
... of the four used.The Проходной занавес measured 20 x h 12.5 m.For its making No. 201 3S - Aida ropes were needed.
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