The Best Ever

Тур 2014 / 2015

While waiting for the start, the Австрийский занавес in HSV - Trevi 91. light grey shows the natural colour of the fabric.The hall lights dim ...
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... and the curtain comes to life, first with a slight chromatic backlighting from below ...
... soon completed by the front one from above, provided by the moving heads, which becomes increasingly brighter ...
... until the stage begins to populate.
The lighting designer will play into lightness for a couple of hours ...
... using the grey of the HSV - Trevi fabric as a palette in which to mix colours.
The Австрийский занавес was made as follows:- размер 14 x h 8 м- Пошив с горизонтальными складками 100%- пошив с вертикальными складками 30%- 19 lifting points- 18 draped columns, ширина 78 см каждый
«I sax spingevano a fondo,come ciclisti gregari in fuga ...e la canzone andava elegante,l'orchestra era partita, decollava decollava ...Quella musica continuava,era una canzone che diceva e non diceva ...»
Австрийский занавес типа изготовленный из ткани HSV - Trevi, цвет 91. светло-серый

- размер 14 x h 8 м
- Пошив с горизонтальными складками 100%
- пошив с вертикальными складками 30%
- 19 lifting points
- 18 draped columns, ширина 78 см каждый

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HSV - Trevi

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