Театр Español, ''Ричард III''


The scenography used 9 backdrops made of black BSU - Super Gobelin with a trapezoidal shape that have a height of 7 m and a width of 2,40 m at the top and 2 m at the bottom.
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Slightly overlapped, the backdrops made of BSU - Super Gobelin allow the actors to cross them and they are the abstraction of the tent in which Ричард III spends the night that precedes the Битва при Босворте and his death.
A Экран обратной проекции realized with the RNO - Notturno film creates a background that alternates or melts with the projections on the backdrops made of BSU - Super Gobelin.
The actors moves in front of the backdrops made of BSU - Super Gobelin or they go behind them where the effects of the illumination can make them appear or disappear.
In the image, the walls made of stone are frontally projected on the backdrops made of BSU - Super Gobelin, while the character on the steps in the middle is seen in transparency and the perspective behind it is rear-projected on the RNO - Notturno backdrop.
Several scenes that are imagined or remembered by Riccardo III (the throne, the jail of the Tower of London) are visualized with frontal projections on the tulle, with rear-projections on the RNO - Notturno backdrop and with the cross illumination on the two layers. In the image, a light reddish illumination on the backdrops made of BSU - Super Gobelin creates a veil on the sides of the stage and leaves a gap of transparency on the throne in the middle.
The columns made of stone are projected on the BSU - Super Gobelin backdrops while the perspective in the middle, that is visible in transparency among the same, is rear-projected on the backdrop made of RNO - Notturno.
The background is the result of frontal projections on the backdrops made of black BSU - Super Gobelin, on the upper part and on the sides, that fade on a rear-projection on the RNO - Notturno backdrop that is visible in the center.
Драма в пяти актах

Ana Rodrigo
Художник по свету
Pedro Yagüe
José Manuel Guerra
Декорационные мастерские
Nicolás Bueno
Escénica Integral
Техническое руководство

Teatro Español Мадрид
2014 / 2015

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BSU - Super Gobelin


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