Городской Театр, ''Волшебная флейта''

Болонья (Италия)

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... which is displayed on a large Экран обратной проекции made with the film RNO - Notturno.And the rear projection is unnatural, because it highlights the chromatic split (red and cyan channels) ...
... typical of 3D projections performed with the anaglyph method.Furthermore, something strange happens on the periphery of the projection, which shows a moving and variable frame, that tightens and widens ...
... with a polygonal contour.During the representation it is clarified that these are the blades of a giant диафрагмы.But that's not all: like in the famous film by И́нгмар Бе́ргман from which the Ravenna theater company that created this staging takes its name ...
... the anaglyph needs special corrective glasses, with which the viewer becomes part of the same world that children overlook:«We are contained in their gaze, they appear giants to us.From the outside they open and close curtains, wings, diaphragms, constantly changing the stage space, following the trend of the music, placing fantastic, illusory objects inside.»The background screen is bordered ...
Зингшпиль в двух актах
Вена, Theater auf der Wieden, 30/9/1791

художник по свету
Luigi De Angelis
и Nicola Fagnani
Техническое руководство
Luca Gandini
Luigi De Angelis


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