Городской Театр, ''Волшебная флейта''

Болонья (Италия)

The staging highlights some unusual elements.Papageno and the three child-spirits have smaller dimensions compared to the background ...
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... which is displayed on a large Экран обратной проекции made with the film RNO - Notturno.And the rear projection is unnatural, because it highlights the chromatic split (red and cyan channels) ...
The image shows the splitting fo the colors (red and cyan channels) that is typical of 3D projections realized with the method of the анаглиф on the Экран обратной проекции made of RNO - Notturno.
As a tribute to Фанни и Александр, the famous film by И́нгмар Бе́ргман, the scene is observed from the outside as if it were that of a puppet theatre.The close-up of the child Alexander looking into the theater is a rear-projection on a Экран обратной проекции made with the film RNO - Notturno.
Four large 9TM - Рамы для сценографии made of aluminium (two are trapezoidal and two are rectangular) and covered with COS - Oscurante 18. red.
The frames reproduce in stylized way the blades of 4 giants диафрагмы made of different colours.
Зингшпиль в двух актах
Вена, Theater auf der Wieden, 30/9/1791

художник по свету
Luigi De Angelis
и Nicola Fagnani
Техническое руководство
Luca Gandini
Luigi De Angelis


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