Teatro Sociale, ''Так поступают все''

Комо (Италия)

The stage of the Городской театр Комо during the general rehearsal.The black COS - Oscurante molton Кабинет (кулисы и падуги) is the background to two lowered lighting trusses.A third truss is bearing a Kompas type Рельсовая система from which it was hung ...
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... a Раздвижной занавес made of HLU - Lucilla с печатью with a 15 x h 6.8 m size.The scenographer Nicolas Bovey has chosen ...
... a making with a very mild пошив с вертикальными складками (30%), to give movement to the surface of the fabric ...
... but without disturbing the vision of the printed subject, a view of the Gulf of Naples ...
... inspired by an engraving, the digital printing of which reproduces the monochrome hatch.Nicolas Bovey has chosen the HLU - Lucilla metallic fabric which, thanks to its marked reflective properties ...
... and easily takes on any colour given to it by the lights.The 52. silver colour, which is free of chromatic interference ...
... will allow to light up the curtain with any colour ...
... without unwanted colour changes.The Aerocoloror printing technique allows the HLU - Lucilla fabric to maintain its softness unaltered.
Opera buffa в двух актах
Вена, Бургтеатр, 26/1/1790

художник по свету
Nicolas Bovey
Giada Masi
Техническое руководство
Alessio Picco, Alberto Comino


Используемые материалы

Вертикальные складки

Типологии изделия из ткани

Итальянский занавес

Типология занавеса

Кабинет (кулисы и падуги)

Акустические фоны

Раздвижной занавес

Типология занавеса

1K - Kompas

Рельсовые системы

COS - Oscurante

Затемняющие материалы

HLU - Lucilla с цифровой печатью

Печать на ткани

Информация о защите данных