Задники Font & Back из ткани

Ширина печати до 12 м без швов

The canvas used for Задники Font & Back из ткани is soft and perfectly matte, it does not cause any reflections when illuminated from the frontIt's a special backlight fabric with a plain-woven closed weave, similar to ASC - Sceno but with a weight of 270 g/m2.
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Opéra Royal de Wallonie, ''Дон Жуан'' Задники Night & Day из ткани из ASC1220S - Sceno 1.200 см, размеры 16 x 11 м.Ночной эффект ...
Эффект дня.
The Задники Font & Back из ткани are scenographic backdrops printed with Цифровая печать on both sides.
The same subject is printed on the front and back, strengthening the image in case of backlighting and allowing an identical view from the two observation sides.
Instead, by printing the same subject with daytime lighting on the front side and nighttime lighting on the back side, it is possible to alternate the day effect with the night effect, in which case the backdrops are called Задники День/ночь из ткани.
Printing method
Ultrawide Ecoprint with Печать Front & Back
Printing width
up to 12 m width without seams

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Супер широкоформатная эко-печать

Печать на ткани

Opéra Royal de Wallonie, ''Дон Жуан''


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