Showroom ''Guidi''

Paris, ''La Cartonnerie'

This is the deliberately disconcerting aspect of the path that is presented to those who, having crossed the threshold of No. 12 of Rue Deguerry, want to visit the Parisian showroom of Guidi.The curiosity to find out what the original installation hides, however, ensures that the perplexities are quickly set aside.
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The idea developed by the designer Simone Serlenga is to prepare the visitor with a separation between the two environments, the external and the internal one.That preparation makes easier for him to leave behind the situation from which he arrives and to concentrate on what he's going to see.
For this purpose, the visitor will have to venture into a seemingly narrow passage, that is actually soft and dilatable and in any case not oppressive thanks to its extreme brightness.
The narrow passage will be built through the installation of three air cushions, each of them made of two layers of 8 x 3 m fabric.
The designer Simone Serlenga identifies the material suitable for the realization of his idea in the HRS - Satenix fabric, whose tight weave allows to retain the air with a certain effectiveness.
The cushions made of HRS - Satenix are kept inflated by means of air intake.
The entrance of Guidi's showroom.
A couple of seconds of hesitation, caused by the disorientation due to the originality of the situation that is facing him.He wonders if he really needs to go through and if he will succed.
A charming venue, La Cartonnerie is switch over in a temporary Guidi's showroom.
An inflatable installation fills up the foyer, three soft satin pillows made of white HRS - Satenix design a narrow passage to access / squeeze into the new collection 2018.
A welcoming entrance / exit aims visitors / customers to experience a path through an organic form with marked references to human genetics, free to be interpreted and where sexuality is indefinite.
Spatial design
Paris Fashion Week - Men’s / Women’s 2018

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HRS - Satenix

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