Дефиле ''Moschino''


The lights are low, the public waits for the models to emerge onto the catwalk from a spectacular composition of drapes made of purple red FMB - Macbeth 400 velvet.Of theatrical inspiration, being a real proscenium, the composition measures 15 x h 7 m and has a three-part valance at the top ...
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... made up with Пошив с концентрическими складками.The central and foreground flap, which measures 12 x h 2 m, displays the logo of the fashion house ...
... while the side ones are smaller.The valance is decorated with gold / lurex 14 cm NFR - Бахрома.Below, more velvet drapes made up with 100% пошив с вертикальными складками create three levels of depth ...
... with the two tails of a Итальянский занавес, in the foreground, held open by some NBD - Позументы с двойной кистью on a background made in an identical way.In the middle, two wings made up in the same way are gathered by means of a gold / lurex NCS - Декоративный шнур with NFI - Кисти ...
... and they act as a separator element for the models' entrance and exit.In later editions of the fashion shows ...
... the middle wings will not be used e the two tails of the Итальянское открытие ...
... will be moved further apart during the show ...
... highlighting how the curtain is actually made up of four parts, two fixed side wings ...
Итальянский занавес из FMB - Macbeth 400 460. красный с пошив с вертикальными складками 100%.
Set Up
осень зима 2017 / 2018

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FMB - Macbeth 400


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