Teatro Donizetti, ''L'ange de Nisida''

Бергамо (Италия)

Эскиз Анджело Сала для сцены из L'ange de Nisida.Donizetti completed the sheet music of the opera in 1839, but that was never presented to the public due to the failure of the people who commissioned it and its traces went lost.
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The manuscript was found almost two centuries later at the Bibliothèque nationale de France by musicologist Candida Mantica and the opera was staged for the first time at the Royal Opera House of London in 2018.The staging by Francesco Micheli and Angelo Sala took the opportunity of the renovation of the Teatro Gaetano Donizetti to overturn the classic layout of the teatro all'italiana, where the space traditionally reserved for representation is the stage.
Taking advantage of the absence of the theater seats, the stalls were used to carry out the action, while the audience that was supposed to occupy it was placed on a grandstand set up on the stage.In front of the grandstand, Donizetti's bust symbolically attends the first Italian representation of the opera, staged by the theater of his hometown that since 2014 is working thanks to the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti.
The surface of the TST - Silviastar floor with which the floor of the stalls was covered was treated to reduce its mirroring effect.The reflections of the lights, in fact, could have been annoying for the public that surrounded the perimeter of the schenographic space observing it from above.
The costumes by Margherita Baldoni are made of paper, a choice in which one could read a reference to the fragility and temporariness of the most ephemeral human realisations.
The lighting by Alessandro Andreoli used the TST - Silviastar as a reflective surface.
The setting, already extremely original, was also really suggestive because of the amplification of the space, that was produced, as well as the reflective effect of the TST - Silviastar, also by the neoclassical trompe-l'œil that decorates the ceiling of the hall.
Two shaped Бэклит-фоны, made with the RAR - Arizona film, were used to symbolically represent the sea surrounding the island of Низида.
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Paolo Fantin
Margherita Baldoni
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Alessandro Andreoli


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