RPO - Polar

Экран для рир-проекции

RPO - Polar The film in backlighting and with frontal lighting.A. embossed and matte viewing sideB. less embossed and less matte back
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Aurora - Illusia, ''Cantique aquatique'' Rear projection test on an RPO - Polar seamless screen, dimensions 3.05 x h 3 m, during the preparation ...
«... and we are very happy with our RPO - Polar screen, it met our expectations perfectly.»
RPO - Polar is a specific film for the manufacture of professional high-performance screens.
It is ideal in situations of low ambient darkening, where it retains excellent levels of brightness thanks to its very high rear projection gain (transmittance), and of contrast thanks to its grey colour, which scarcely collects any frontal light interference.
It has a cold colour temperature, which can be modified by acting on the projection source.
It can also be used in front projection, albeit with lower performance.
Its 305 cm width allows the making of screens without seams with a height of up to 3 m and a width of up to 90 m, of course also usable with edge blending projections.
Perfect when the audience is close to the screen, it is favored by very intimate theatricals shows, by the productions of high quality puppet theater and exhibition settings in which the public can access in its close proximity.
Реакция на огонь
постоянный огнезащитный
EN 13501-1 класс B s3 d0
UNI 9177 класс 1
DIN 4102 класс B1
NFPA 701 pass
100% ПВХ
375 г / м²
0,30 мм
305 см
90 м
Доступные цвета
визуальная сторона рельефная и матовая

Прозрачность макс.
2,00 β
Усиление макс.
0,37 β
Rating 5.0 яркость
Rating 4.0 контраст
Rating 5.0 цветопередача
Rating 3.5 угол обзора
Rating 4.0 рассеивание (отсутствие яркого пятна)
Rating 4.0 нечувствительность
к освещению (''отсекание'' паразитной засветки)
Фронтальная проекция
Rating 4.5
Подходит для печати

на метр
в целых рулонах
в виде готовых изделий на заказ

Атлас цветов

RPO - Polar A. тисненый серый матовой (сторона зрения)B. гладкий серый блестящий (зад)

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Aurora - Illusia, ''Cantique aquatique''

Театр ''di figura''

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