Teatro Goldoni, ''Злоключения Арлекино''


The sketch by Alberto Nonnato evokes the traditional setting of the commedia dell'arte: a low platform with a painted backdrop that the traveling company has set up in any square in Italy of the 16th or 17th century.The scenographic details of historical significance used for the lighting are notable: the oil lamps and the candles on the floor, along the front of the stage.From the sketch it is obtained ...
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... the construction drawing to which the painter scenographer Keiko Shiraishi will refer ...
... to paint the backdrop in her atelier, here in the photo.The backdrop made of natural ASC - Sceno muslin, just completed, is here still nailed to the floor ...
... while here it is staged, with Harlequin and his wife Argentina, on the stage of the Teatro Goldoni in Venice.As per the sketch, the platform turns its back ...
... to the hall which simulates a night sky, while the audience watches Harlequin's adventures seated on bleachers that have been specially set up at the end of the stage.The hall of the Teatro Goldoni recreates, in this scenography, the setting from which the traditional constructive structure of the Italian theatrical building derives ...
... in which the stalls symbolically recall a real square and the boxes represent the balconies of the palaces surrounding it, as in this image taken from an animation by le cnam.The upside-down arrangement of the scene therefore evokes the original setting ...
... of the commedia dell'arte's street performances.In the sketch, the forest in which Harlequin takes refuge with the intention of taking his own life, after leaving Bergamo with the conviction of being betrayed by his wife Argentina.And here's ...
... the construction drawing of the forest, with recommendations for the making of the trees ...
Злоключения Арлекино
Canovaccios taken from the texts by Карло Гольдони
Венеция, Teatro Goldoni, 28/6/2019

Alberto Nonnato
Lauretta Salvagnin
Roberto Maria Macchi
Художник по свету
Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
Роспись фонов
Marco Zoppello

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Техническая команда Teatro Goldoni Венеция

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