Сетки и цвета тюля

Short guide to choosing

Bobbinet and Sharktooth ... ... are the two types of Тюль для сценографии.The bobbinet has a hexagonal mesh which, in its variants, can become rounded or rhomboidal.The sharktooth has a trapezoidal (6-points and 3-thread sharktooth) or rectangular (8-points sharktooth) mesh.The bobbinet jersey has a certain elasticity, while the sharktooth jersey is less deformable and more stable.
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Тюль ''ромб'' There are types with a large mesh and a thicker yarn ...BVN-BreraBVE-VenezianoBIT-ItalianoBSC-ScalaBOP-Opera
... while other bobbinet tulles have a small mesh and they are made of a such a thin yarn that, against the light, it is difficult to perceive it even from a close distance.BCI-CinecittàBRL - Rexor BHO - Holo ScrimThere are also ...
... some bobbinet tulle made of elastic yarn, which makes them much more stretchable.They are mainly used in exhibition and commercial settings, in which they are stretched on special frames to create semi-transparent panels endowed with elegant decorative properties.BSV-SprinkleBEX-Expancy
Тюль ''акулий зуб'' / ''шарктуф'' The number of points refers to the meshes per inch (2.54 cm).The number of threads refers to the weft threads for each mesh.BGO - Gobelin - 6 points, 3 diagonal threadsBGOP - Gobelin Teatro - 6 points, 2 horizontal threadsBSU - Super Gobelin - 8 points, 2 horizontal threadsBSUP - Super Gobelin Teatro - 8 points, 2 horizontal threads
Composition Cotton is the best choice for indoor use: compared to synthetic yarns it is totally opaque and light-absorbing and is ideal for painting and digital printing.Protected from bad weather, solar radiation, humidity and saltiness, cotton has an optimal stability. Its perishability in uncontrolled environments, however, is mostly due to ammonium salts, hygroscopic but essential for its fireproofing.As if that weren't enough, cotton is cheaper ...
... of synthetic yarns, which would have no reason to exist if they were not essential for outdoor use, because they resist humidity and saltinessmuch better than cotton, of which they are stronger and ...BGOP - Gobelin Teatro (polyester)BSUP - Super Gobelin Teatro (polyester)BRL - Rexor (polyester and cotton)BHO - Holo Scrim (polyamide)BSV - Sprinkle (polyester)BEX - Expancy (polyester)
Универсиада 2013 ... make the tulle more resistant to tearing and, therefore, to the action of bad weather. And they are almost always inherently flame retardant.In the photo, the projections on No. 10 BRL - Rexor tulle backdrops depict as many parchment rolls that seem to unroll from the bottom up ...
The wide range of Тюль для сценографии available allows you to choose the mesh and coloir variant with the characteristics that best suit your needs.
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