''Данте Ферретти - Эфемерный по ошибке''


The video mapping on the risers of the entrance staircase of the historical Palazzo Ricci, which reworks the ten sketches by Dante Ferretti exhibited in the halls, heralds the contents of the exhibition.Although intended for the general public, right from the entrance the exhibition offers a level of interpretation also to the scenographers themselves, who will grasp details from which the normal visitor will receive an overall impression of depth and accuracy ...
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... perhaps without identifying all the elements used to create it.The quote from the theorist of modern scenography Adolphe Appia shown on the framed wings made of ASL - Light Sceno с печатью muslin placed at the entrance and the way in which a semi-transparent container between the terracotta floor and the cross vaults of the sixteenth-century building was created ...
... stimulate the interest of the workers in the sector for the scenographic layout of the exhibition, here during the set-up works.The choices by Benito Leonori, who signed the design, have symbolically combined various elements that direct, often conditioning it, the choices of the scenographer during his work ...
... bearing in mind the aim of the exhibition, that is to make the viewer discover, through the professional path of an illustrious son of Macerata, where Ferretti was born in 1943, the beginning of the work of building the scenography of a film or a theathrical show.
The scenography can be understood as a path between darkness and light that guides the viewer towards the emotional and semantic essence of a show.In this path, black backgrounds are often used ...
... to direct the viewer's attention to the details that the director and the scenographer want to emphasize.The light is neutralized by surfaces that completely stop it ...
... or it is filtered and adjusted with different degrees of intervention.It is the norm that the scenographer has to deal with the need to create structures for textile supports.And, even more often, with practical issues, such as a budget.The framed wings made of wood and cotton cloth, effective but also cheap and quick to set up, since the times of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque scenography are a synthesis of the work of the scenographer who, to the present day, has not lost its relevance.
Benito Leonori has therefore chosen to create a path between darkness and light with what the scenography has used most constantly in recent centuries.This time, however, without hiding anything.The decision, indeed, is to highlight the structures of the framed wings ...
«Considering a scenography as ephemeral is a mistake, because that variegated world of images remains forever imprinted in the spectator's intellectual and affective memory.»
From the notes of the curators.

An immersive fitting between dark and light, to discover how the construction process of the scenography of a film or a theatrical show begins, through the sketches of the Oscar-winning set designer Данте Ферретти, from the collections of Fondazione Carima.
Palazzo Ricci
25/7/2021 - 19/9/2021

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