Teatro Colón, ''Disney Magia y Sinfonía''

Buenos Aires

The Stable Orchestra of the Colón Theater is ready to accompany the animations that are about to appear on the large Экран обратной проекции made with the film RAR - Arizona.The lights are about to go out ...
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... and the grandiose hall of one of the main opera houses in the world is immersed in the magic, that of the title of the new production that the Teatro Colòn realised in collaboration with Disney, creating ...
... a musical and visual journey through famous sequences of animated cinema that have become part of the collective memory of every people in the world.In addition to those of Disney's classics ...
... the spectacular music-video medley used sequences by Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and taken from the Star Wars saga.The screenings were entrusted ...
... to Troy Producciones, that made the best use of the quality level offered by the two Peroni Экраны обратной проекции with which the installation was equipped ...
... using two Barco UDX 4K32 projectors (32,000 ANSI Lumen) with Barco TLD ultra 0.93 / 1.33:1 lenses.
The two Экраны обратной проекции measured 22 x h 13.5 m.The first was made with the RAR - Arizona film ...
... which is extremely versatile and that is used above all to maintain optimal contrast even in situations where light interference can disturb the projection, for example ...
Disney Magia y Sinfonía
A production by Disney and Teatro Colón
Buenos Aires, Teatro Colón, 11/2/2022

Troy Producciones S.r.l.
Распространение и помощь Peroni

Buenos Aires, Teatro Colón, 11/2/2022

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Экраны обратной проекции

Экраны обратной проекции

RAR - Arizona

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RNV - Nevada

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