Catedral de Palencia

A Австрийский занавес made of golden HLU - Lucilla marks the entrance to the exhibition ...
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... from the arch of the Puerta de los Novios (Door of the Betrothed).The show is about to begin ...
The curtain, seen here from the opposite side, from the apse of the cathedral, measures 5.8 x h 5 m and it was manufactured with No. 8 draped strips 72.5 cm wide and with a 16 cm drop of the drapery.
The passages between the two arms of the transept and the central nave are delimited by two semitransparent backdrops made of black NTR - Tripolina, 8 m high, which, from this point of view, veil a large Cilindro de luz (Cylinder of light) ...
... suspended in the center of the crossing.The cylinder is made of white BGO - Gobelin tulle with пошив цилиндрических изделий, diameter 4 m and height 12.5 m.The lighting transforms it into a luminous column, a metaphorical connection between the earth and the sky.
The cylinder, which suggests to visitors the momentum of an ascension, crowns a Triumphant Chariot made of silver and gold, one of the historical elements that are part of the exhibition.It is a work by Juan de Benavente, a Castilian goldsmith master, who made it at the end of the sixteenth century.
A backdrop made of black NTR - Tripolina still collected in two bunches, during the setting up operations.The semi-transparent NTR - Tripolina diaphragms, 8 m high, which delimit the transept from the nave, reveal towards the apse the Chapel of San Jerónimo and the Chapel of San Sebastián, decorated with two Итальянские занавесы ...
... made up half by a red COS - Oscurante molton tail ...
The Catedral de San Antolín de Palencia it is a majestic temple of Catholic worship in which Romanesque, Visigothic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles are layered.
It is one of the symbolic buildings of Spain, which has recognized it as a national Monumento Histórico Artístico since 1929.
The exhibition Renacer is part of the celebrations of the seventh centenary of the laying of the first stone.
Design of the exhibition
Además Proyectos Slp
Florentino Díez Sacristán
Ignacio Vela Cidad
Catedral de San Antolín de Palencia
17/6/2022 - 11/12/2022

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