''Данте Ферретти - Эфемерный по ошибке'' Flats made of black ASL - Light Sceno sheer muslin framed with Деревянные рамы which, equipped with Jacks, were fixed side by side to build the exhibition set-up that used them.Considering the theme ...
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... the scenographer Benito Leonori instead of hiding the frames, as is usually done, chose to highlight them with a variable transparency fabric, with which to play with the lighting.
Teatro Petruzzelli, ''Traviata'' A strip of ASC - Sceno с печатью muslin is framed with a Деревянная рама in the Laboratorio scenografico del Teatro Petruzzelli.The digital print was made with the files elaborated by Hugo de Ana ...
... with the empire-style motifs of a boiserie that will decorate the walls of Violetta's salon.Once framed ...
... the Flats will be assembled on the stage by the Macchinisti del Teatro Petruzzelli to build one of the three different Closed sets used by the staging:- made of ASC - Sceno с печатью muslin- made of FTA - Tancredi 500 с печатью velvet- made of QSF - Miroflex mirror panelsThe rear view of the Flats ...
... highlights the wooden structure and the Strops, underlined by their red color.The wheeled structure created by the theater workshop to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the Flats is also clearly visible.And here's what it looks ...
... the Closed set in the boiserie version, with the set-up still in progress but already at a good point.The Flats are easily replaceable ...
... and here the Petruzzelli's stagehands are dismantling those made of ASC - Sceno с печатью muslin of the boiserie, on the right.And they started the assembly of the Closed set in the upholstery version, of which one can see, on the left, a velvet Flat made of FTA - Tancredi 500 с печатью already installed. At the end, the hall will have changed its appearance ...
The Flats are made with Деревянные рамы or Металлические рамы.
They can be distinguished in the following way.
Framed flats, which frames are covered with:
- canvases of various types, often painted or printed
- mirror films (QSP - Mirofilm, ZSK - Ultralight Mirrors)
- mirror panels (QSF - Miroflex, QSR - Miroplan
- decorative films, for projections or backlit
Built flats, which frames are completed with:
- sheets of plywood or MDF variously worked, painted and decorated.
Wheeled flats, when they are equipped with wheels for their movement.

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Городской Театр, ''Волшебная флейта''


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''Данте Ферретти - Эфемерный по ошибке''

Выставки, искусство, архитектура

Nationale Opera & Ballet, ''Animal Farm''


Opéra Comédie, ''Орфей и Эвридика''


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