Bétonsalon, ''Hier revient ...''

Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano

The management of Bétonsalon, one of the most important contemporary art exhibition centers in Paris, has to acoustically separate and darken a corner of a hall that will host video projections.To create a special Акустический занавес, in agreement with the artist Katia Kameli, the fabric which is chosen ...
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... is COS - Oscurante molton and it is decided that the curtain should have a double-sided making with the two faces of different colours, natural for the outside and night blue for the inside.The finishes must be very simple and it is chosen to hang the curtain with white WLA - Вязки with closed seam.Its dimensions will be 11.7 x h 4.75 m ...
... and its appearance must be sober, original and stylistically compliant with the exhibition.The пошив вгладь (без складок) is chosen, but one side of the curtain will end with a light пошив с вертикальными складками that will be created at the time of installation by tying the WLA - Вязки at a closer distance from each other.The hanging system will be essential ...
... and will consist of a simple 5 cm Ø Верхняя рейка, left rough, and which will be curved with a constant 6.25 m radius.The tube will be fixed to the ceiling by means of 8C50 - Зажимы Ø 50 mm.
Katia Kameli (Clermont-Ferrand, 1973) lives and works in Paris.
Strengthened by a double French and Algerian culture, she acts as a bridge between different territories and questions the obscure spots of History.
Following her own paths, she connects distant facts, reties loose bonds, gives voice to silenced words to write counter-narratives.
Her research melts, intertwines and weaves together a multiplicity of perspectives.
At the intersection of poetic languages, visual studies and craft techniques, her artistic practice is the result of a great work of accumulation of relationships through affinity, proximities and friendships.
Curated by
Émilie Renard

19/01/2023 - 16/04/2023

Используемые материалы

Акустические фоны

Акустические фоны

Звукопоглощающие занавесы

Акустические фоны

Пошив вгладь (без складок)

Типологии изделия из ткани


Профили для сценографии

8C50 - Зажим Ø 50 mm + гайка M8

Такелажное (риггинг) оборудование

COS - Oscurante

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WLA - Вязка

Изделия из ткани: отделка и аксессуары

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