Teatro Akropolis


The retractable bleachers make it possible to free up a large area of the hall, which can be used both for theater laboratory activities and for extra-theatrical uses.Their configuration can be varied easily ...
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... is a sort of black wall with a trapezoidal plan formed by a Раздвижной занавес and two inclined wings made of COS - Oscurante cloth.It is worth mentioning the solution that incorporates the proscenium ...
... inside the curtain, which manual opening system was created with a TRX10 track.The stands are fully deployed here in the configuration that allows the use of all the 194 seats.The black Scenographic quadrature ...
... is also made of COS - Oscurante molton, the only fabric used for stage and hall equipment.All the 34 parts that compose it were prepared with пошив вгладь (без складок).The quadrature was hung spartanly on Верхние рейки made of raw aluminum.
... also for video projection.A 5LC - Professional C motorized screen with PBO - Bianco Ottico surface can be promptly opened ...
... and can accommodate projections in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios over its 5 m width.
The Teatro Akropolis is located in the industrial outskirts of Genoa, just above the Cornigliano steelworks, inside a building that also houses a school and a gym.
Its layout was redesigned in 2021 by the artistic direction of the company that founded it in 2001.
From a practically empty box a modern and essential theater environment, which is usable with various configurations, has been created.
It is a stylistically very interesting example of how to equip a space that is not very suitable for theatrical use with a surprisingly small budget, if compared to the result.
Space design
Clemente Tafuri
Modular grandstand project
Dino Serra

Используемые материалы

Кабинет (кулисы и падуги)

Акустические фоны

Пошив вгладь (без складок)

Типологии изделия из ткани

Раздвижной занавес

Типология занавеса


Профили для сценографии

1T - TRX10

Рельсовые системы

5LC - Professional C

Моторизованные экраны

8LCA - Cantinella

Профили для сценографии

COS - Oscurante

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