ASH - Shedlight с цифровой печатью

Rear-illuminable fabric

ASH - Shedlight с печатью The side of the ASH - Shedlight fabric to be printed is the uncoated one.Once printed ...
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... the fabric must be treated with caution as it becomes more fragile, possibly it must be rolled up during transport, but, for some applications ...
Circo Price, ''Peter y Wendy'' ... it provides unrivaled results and is irreplaceable.The one in the photograph is a Проходной задник in 20 cm wide strips made of ASH - Shedlight с печатью.Here the backdrop is backlit ...
... and here instead it is illuminated from the front with low light ..The coating of the fabric guarantees excellent light diffusion and prevents fraying.Its combination with the compact fine thread polyester weave keeps the surface of the strips flat and allows them to hang well.
Это версия с цифровой печатью ткани ASH - Shedlight.
Реакция на огонь
постоянный огнезащитный
UNI 9177 класс 1
DIN 4102 класс B1
NFP 92-503 класс M1
100% полиэфирная ткань
акриловое покрытие
125 г / м²
Метод печати
Ширина для печати
310 cm
Полезная ширина пошиве
306 cm

минимальный заказ 50 м²

Этот материал использовался для...

Circo Price, ''Peter y Wendy''


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