BRL - Rexor

Гексагональный тюль

BRL - Rexor 01. серебряный
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BRL - Rexor 02. золотой
BRL - Rexor 01. серебряный02. золотой
Театр Regio di Parma, ''Осуждение Фауста'' Проекция на прозрачный серебряный BRL - Rexor.The choice of silver, which brings out the projections ...
... in a particularly brilliant, abstract and unreal way, was used by Hugo de Ana ...
... to underline the symbolic iconography inspired by the circle, the concept of this scenography.
Универсиада 2013 Projections on a PSW - Stormywall 360° Экран для фронтальной проекции (top) and on No. 8 backdrops made of silver BRL - Rexor tulle, 6 x h 20 m.The backdrops are arranged in a circle at the edges of a giant central platform located in the middle of a body of water.To the backdrops made of silver tulle are going to be added ...
... others No. 10 backdrops made of gold tulle BRL - Rexor, 6 x h 21 m, arranged along an outermost circumference.The strips of tulle, fixed at the top to a bar that was raised and lowered by means of two steel cables, were unrolled from rollers immersed in water.The polyester component of the tulle BRL - Rexor ...
BRL - Rexor is a metallic and sparkling Тюль для сценографии.
It is плетение bobbinet with a small mesh, of average dimensions close to those of BCI - Cinecittà tulle, but very irregular, which stretches and retracts with a certain degree of elasticity.
It is woven with a metallic polyester and cotton yarn that is extremely thin but considerably tear and weather resistant.
The metallic reflections give the projections an abstract and artificial tone, often sought after precisely for that and underlined by the colour temperatures tending to cold (silver colour) or warm (gold colour).
With the control of the light it becomes so transparent that it is practically invisible, while light interference makes it very present due to the ease with which it collects the light.

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Свойства тюля для сценографии
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Реакция на огонь
EN 13501-1 класс B s1 d0
UNI 9177 класс 1
шестиугольный 1,2 x 1,2 мм
67% полиэстер, 33% хлопок
50 г / м²
860 см ± 15 см
± 50 м
сложенная ткань
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Rating 2.0 with paintings for polyester fabrics

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BRL - Rexor 01. серебряный02. золотойКрасная линия обозначает направление сшивания.

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Казань 2013, BRL - Rexor

Этот материал использовался для...

Театр Данте Алигьери, ''Макбет''


Театр Данте Алигьери, ''Фальстаф''


Театр Regio di Parma, ''Осуждение Фауста''


Универсиада 2013


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