ARI - Reps Ignitex

Polyester cloth

ARI - Reps Ignitex 109.red104. face-powder pink
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Detail of a backdrop made of ARI - Reps Ignitex 102. beige.
Backdrop with flat making made of ARI - Reps Ignitex 118. orange, with finishing with WVE - Velcro 5 cm white hooks.
ARI - Reps Ignitex 120. brown104. face-powder pink105. lemon yellow
The comparison between:- on the left, ARI - Reps Ignitex 109. red,- on the right, ARL - Light Reps 205. red,in a situation of frontal illumination and, at the top in the middle, backlighted. The difference between the denier of the yarn and the weft is evident.
The comparison between:- on the left, ARI - Reps Ignitex 109. red,- on the right, ARL - Light Reps 205. red,in a more backlighted situation.
The comparison between:- at the top, ARP - Reps Panama 518. white,- at the bottom, ARI - Reps Ignitex 101. white.
The comparison between:- bottom on the left, ARL - Light Reps 201. white,- top on the right, ARI - Reps Ignitex 101. white,in a situation of frontal illumination.The difference between the denier of the yarn and the weft is evident.
ARI - Reps Ignitex is a plain-woven fabric with a clearly visible and compact weave.
The stability of its polyester yarn makes it suitable for situations of environmental humidity in which the use of fireproof cotton fabrics, such as ASC - Sceno, is not recommended.
The strength of the yarn and the considerable weight make it very strong and durable but, nevertheless, it retains a remarkable softness to the touch.
The previous qualities, combined with the discreet range of colours, make it a very versatile fabric, suitable for a variety of scenographic and decorative uses that include curtains, draperies, cycloramas, coverings and linings that can also be used in non-fully controllable environmental conditions.
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
EN 13773 class 1
UNI 9177 class 1
IMO certificate
100% polyester
270 g/m²
340 cm
± 30 m
Packing method
folded in half and rolled-up
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours
minimum order quantity ± 300 m

Light barrier
Rating 1.5
Light absorption
Rating 2.5
Rating 2.5
Rating 4.0

Acoustic absorption
Rating 2.5
Type G-150
ISO 11654 rating
Weighted sound absorption coefficient: αw = 0.70 (H)
Sound absorption class: C

by the metre
in full rolls
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

ARI - Reps Ignitex 100. ivory white101. white102. cream106. yellow118. orange107. bordeaux109. red850. brown
ARI - Reps Ignitex 116. chroma key blue117. chroma key green123. light blue740. denim
ARI - Reps Ignitex 113. pearl grey114. grey119. dark grey122. smoke grey999. black
ARI - Reps Ignitex Special colours available at this time105. lemon yellow * (9 m)104. old pink * (17 m) 108. green * (224 m) 111. blue * (5 m)* availability limited to the indicated quantity
ARI - Reps Ignitex 140 cm 04. dark hazelnut * (19 m)05. brick * (9 m)06. brown * (99 m)15. savannah green * (23 m)17. bottle green * (46 m)21. pearl grey * (32 m)* availability limited to the indicated quantity

Video & Documentation

Small Venetian curtain

Plaza de Toros Illumbe, Acoustic curtains

Roman curtain, opening test

This material was used for...

Convention of a drinks' firm


Disco ''La Rocca''

Public places

Exhibition stand

Commercial premises

Johnny Hallyday


Plaza de toros Illumbe

Public places

Renato Zero, ''Amo Tour''


Small stage for outdoor / indoor use

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Studio Azzurro, ''Museo dell'Acqua''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

Teatro alla Scala

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro de la Zarzuela, ''La Generala''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro della Luna, ''Pinocchio''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro Lirico, ''Oedipe''

Lyric opera

Teatro Municipale - Upper hall

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Teatro Vittorio Alfieri

Curtains for historical theaters

Teleticino, ''Swiss Venture Club''

Cinema, TV, Ads

University of Malta

Public places

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