BSU - Super Gobelin

8 point sharkstooth scrim 550 / 1095 / 1.200 cm

BSU - Super Gobelin 99. black
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BSU - Super Gobelin 03. grey
Teatro Paulo Autran, ''Garrincha'' Painted backdrop made of BSU - Super Gobelin tulle 03. grey.The 5 small windows have been fixed to the backdrop with velcro.And ...
... a Traveller curtain made of painted 03. grey BSU - Super Gobelin with Track system TRX with manual opening.
Beni Montresor The gigantic coat suspended in midair appeared when it was illuminated and disappeared when the light was lowered on it and the front BSU - Super Gobelin tulle backdrop was illuminated instead.
Teatro de la Plata, ''Eva: el gran musical argentino'' Rear-projection screen made of RNO - Notturno film.The rear-projections are filtered through a backdrop made of 03. grey BSU - Super Gobelin tulle.
Teatro Español, ''Richard III'' The scenography used No. 9 backdrops made of 99. black BSU - Super Gobelin tulle with a trapezoidal shape that have a height of 7 m and a width of 2,40 m at the top and 2 m at the bottom.Slightly overlapping ...
... the backdrops made of BSU - Super Gobelin tulle allow the actors to cross them and they are the abstraction of the tent in which Richard III spends the night that precedes the Battle of Bosworth and his death.A Rear-projection screen realized with the RNO - Notturno film creates a background that alternates or melts with the projections on the backdrops made of BSU - Super Gobelin tulle.
BSU - Super Gobelin is a 8 points / 2 threads sharktooth woven, cotton made, Tulle for scenography.
It has a very strong and stable rectangular mesh, less elaborate and with less distributed threads than the trapezoidal one of tulle BGO - Gobelin, to which however it comes close for the effectiveness with which, making it interact with the light, it is possible to alternate a screen effect against transparency (bleed through effects).
It gives excellent results with painting and is also used for sound transparent coverings and for backdrops and ceilings bound to acoustical optimization.
There is a version made of polyester yarn, the BSUP - Super Gobelin Teatro tulle, more suitable for outdoor use.

Short guides about tulle:
Properties of tulle for scenography
Meshes and colours
Flame reaction
FR - flame retardant
FR certification
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
rectangular 3,0 x 1,7 mm
100% cotton
90 g/m²
550 cm
1.095 cm
1.200 cm
± 45 m (1.200 cm width)
± 58 m
Packing method
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours
minimum order quantity a piece

against light
Rating 4.0
Wall effect
with frontal lighting
Rating 5.0
Frontal projection
Rating 5.0 white
Rating 4.0 grey
Rating 2.0 black
Rear projection
Rating 5.0 white
Rating 4.0 grey
Rating 2.0 black
Rating 5.0
Rating 3.0

by the metre
in full bolts
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

BSU - Super Gobelin 01. white03. grey05. holo grey99. black The outlined red line identifies the position of the selvage in comparison to the mesh.

Video & Documentation

5Z - Fast take up for tulle backdrops: test

This material was used for...


Exhibitions, art, architecture

''Storicamente ABC''

Exhibitions, art, architecture

BKZ Oktyabrsky, ''Love and death in Venice''


Compagnia Marionettistica Carlo Colla e Figli, ''Aida''

Theatre ''di figura''

Eros Ramazzotti, ''Ali e Radici''


Grand Hotel

Public places

Hall for shows

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Order of the Architects of Rome

Commercial premises

Serrat y Sabina, ''Dos pájaros de un tiro''


Summer concerts


Teatro alla Scala, ''Idomeneo''

Lyric opera

Teatro Argentino de La Plata, ''Eva: el gran musical argentino''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro Bonci, ''A.B.A. Bologna''

Lyric opera

Teatro Español, ''Richard III''

Prose theatre

Teatro Lirico, ''Hans Heiling''

Lyric opera

Teatro Municipal, ''Macbeth''

Lyric opera

Teatro Paulo Autran, ''Garrincha''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro Regio di Torino, ''Aida''

Lyric opera

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