BGO - Gobelin digital printing

6 point sharkstooth scrim

BGO - Gobelin digital printing tulle
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Teatro alla Scala, ''The Girl of the West'' The forest that the miners will sift through in search of the bandit will be represented with a backdrop made of BGO - Gobelin digital printing tulle, 22 x h 10 m, here during the finishing phases of the making.On stage the backdrop will be lowered ...
... immediately in front of a large Rear-illuminated backdrop made with the RAR - Arizona film, whose slight backlighting will highlight the silhouettes of the trees printed on the tulle backdrop.But the RAR - Arizona backdrop ...
... will also be used for the rear projection of fragments of Fordian black and white western films.Forest trees will be superimposed on western scenes, when the power of the light on the screen is kept at a fairly low level ...
... or they will become totally invisible when the backlight of the rear projection is used more decisively.When the RAR - Arizona screen will be replaced …
... by the illuminated facade of a Broadway theater, the trees will once again be visible in the weakly backlit areas, while in the strongly backlit ones the printed subject will completely disappear.
Teatro Real de Madrid, ''Les contes d'Hoffmann'' Backdrops fixed to frames and constituted by parts of BGO - Gobelin digital printing tulle on which the motives of a big glass window with binding made of lead were printed.The effect of simulation of the glass window ...
... is stressed by the presence of a Rear-illuminated backdrop realized with the film for rear-projections RTE - Temporale.
It is a 6 point / 3 thread sharktooth woven Tulle for scenography.
It is the digital printing version of BGO - Gobelin tulle.

Short guides about tulle:
Properties of tulle for scenography
Meshes and colours
Flame reaction
FR - flame retardant
EN 13501-1 class B s1 d0
EN 13773 class 1
NFP 92-503 class M1
100% cotton
100 g / m²
Printing method
Printable width
1.090 cm
Usable width in tailoring
1.050 cm

This material was used for...

Opéra Royal de Wallonie, ''La Bohème''

Lyric opera

Summer concerts


Teatro alla Scala, ''Joan of Arc''

Lyric opera

Teatro alla Scala, ''The Girl of the West''

Lyric opera

Teatro de la Zarzuela, ''La Generala''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro de Madrid, ''Samsara''


Teatro Real, ''Les contes d'Hoffmann''

Lyric opera

Théâtre du Capitole, ''Le prophète''

Lyric opera

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