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The Venetian curtain opens upward like the Roman curtain and the Austrian curtain, from which it differs for tits vertical fullness.In the simplest systems, the curtain opens keeping the lower edge horizontal.The opening mechanism of the Venetian curtain ...
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... is identical to those of Austrian curtain and of Roman curtain. In the sketch it is showed one amongst the various ways of realization, that manual and without truss in which the cables, installed in series, are connected to the inferior edge of the curtain and they are deviated to pulley connected to the cage of the counterweights, that neutralizes the load constituted by the weight of the curtain, making the manual operation possible.
Teatro alla Scala, ''Der Rosenkavalier'' Venetian curtain made of painted natural ASC - Sceno 1.000 cm muslin ...
... partially closed here with a shaped inferior edge.
Teatro San Carlo, ''The Sleeping Beauty'' A Venetian curtain made of HLU - Lucilla 52. silver ...
... and Venetian curtain made of HLU - Lucilla 51. gold.
The Moscow Music Hall Venetian curtain made of HLU - Lucilla 52. silver endowed with a 9SX - System for computerized opening ...
... with 11 independent engines.
The Venetian curtain is extremely elegant and its lifting constitutes, in itself, a show that anticipates what its opening heralds.
It is made with vertical fullness.
The mechanics of the Venetian curtain are identical to those of the Austrian curtain and of the Roman curtain.
The three curtains are totally different in terms of making and aesthetics, but all three open vertically, draping the fabric from the bottom upwards through a system of cables and guide-rings sewn on the back.
That compactation allows the vertical opening even on stages of extremely low height and where lateral space is absent.
The Venetian curtain can also be opened without compactation, that is, lifting the curtain as a whole with the Fly opening system. In that case it becomes a simple Fly curtain with vertical fullness.
The vertical fullness allows the Venetian curtain to be opened also with the shaped lower edge, a characteristic it shares with the Austrian curtain.
- with Truss
- without Truss
- straight
- shaped (semi-circle, round, ellipse, polygon, etc.)
- with horizontal bottom edge
- with a shaped inferior edge

Manual operation
- 9SW - Longitudinal system ad hoc (light curtains only)
- 9SW - Longitudinal system ad hoc with Counterweight
- 9ST - Foldable system (light curtain only)

Video & Documentation

Small Venetian curtain

Gigantic venetian curtain: test of closing

The Moscow Music Hall: venetian curtain with electronic control

The Moscow Music Hall: venetian curtain with electronic control, installation

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Exhibitions, art, architecture

Laura Pausini, ''Greatest Hits World Tour''


Petit Thť‚tre

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro alla Scala, ''Der Rosenkavalier''

Lyric opera

Teatro Karl Marx

Curtains for historical theaters

Teatro Municipale - Upper hall

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Teatro San Carlo, ''The Sleeping Beauty''


The Moscow Music Hall

Curtains for multi-purpose settings

Winter Olympics Turin 2006, curtain


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