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Crossing curtain, simulation with explanatory finality.
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Tib Teatro, ''FIRMAmenTO GALILEO'' A Crossing curtain realized with strips of white LBE - Perolastic 14 cm wide.The backdrop is 6 m high and 12 m wide ...
... and it is stretched on a structure made like a hemicycle composed by modular centrings.
The installation of the Crossing curtain can be run at three different heights ...
... to fit in stages with different sizes.
Fundación Rafa NadalBarcelona The installation of a Crossing curtain made of LBE - Perolastic 6 m wide and 4 m high that is stretched on a Self-supporting sectional frame made of iron.
Teatro Manzoni, ''Musical! Award'' Crossing backdrop made of QSX - Strippix that ...
... thanks to the making with strips of the QSX - Strippix ...
The Crossing curtain is mainly used to make actors appear or disappear.
You can give the surprising impression of having crossed a wall or, when the curtain is used as a projection surface (for example with the realization with white LBE - Perolastic) of having crossed a screen, physically leaving a filmed scene, or entering it.
Or instead you can give the impression of having materialized from the darkness (for example with the realization with black LBE - Perolastic) or of disappearing suddenly into it.
It is possible to play with the transparency and reflection to the light of the materials, while making the actors pass from one side of their surface to the other, for example with the Tripolina string curtains.
Or the silhouettes of the actors can be rear-projected onto the surface of the backdrop (white LBE - Perolastic) until the actors cross it and continue the action in front of the backdrop itself, frontally illuminated, the possibilities are many.
- with carrying Sectional frame (made of LBE - Perolastic)
- with assembling to different heights (made of LBE - Perolastic)
- with mechanics for Traveller curtain
- with mechanics for Fly curtain
- straight
- shaped (semi-circle, round, ellipse, polygon, etc.)


Video & Documentation

Rehearsal with a LBE-Elastic Band backdrop

Backdrop made of black and white LBE- Perolastic

Crossing curtain made of QSX - Strippix

This material was used for...

Claudio Baglioni, ''Q.P.G.A.''


Fundación Rafa Nadal


LBE - Perolastic

Elastic fabrics

NTR - Tripolina

Materials for string curtains

QSX - Strippix

Materials for string curtains

Ravenna Festival, ''Pietra di diaspro''

Lyric opera

Sagunt a Escena, ''Bailando con Carmen''


Teatro Dante Alighieri, ''Falstaff''

Lyric opera

Teatro Dante Alighieri, ''Macbeth''

Lyric opera

Teatro Español, ''Follies''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

Teatro Español, ''Richard III''

Prose theatre

Teatro Manzoni, ''Musical! Award''


Teatro San Carlo, ''Aida''

Lyric opera

Tib Teatro, ''FIRMAmenTO GALILEO''

Prose theatre

Ulla von Brandenburg, ''Das Was Ist''

Exhibitions, art, architecture