BZQ - Tramanet 15

Polyester netting 300 cm

BZQ - Tramanet 15 99. black
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BZQ - Tramanet 15 99. black
BZQ - Tramanet 15 01. white
BZQ - Tramanet 15 01. white
Teatro Sociale di Brescia, ''Macbeth'' The set designer and maker Keiko Shiraishi paired the black USC - Nylonet scenography net with the black BZQ - Tramanet 15 net, which was used as a stretched support on which to fix the USC - Nylonet net with wrinkles and folds that make it more textured and three-dimensional.The backdrops obtained were shaped and then decorated with a golden and reflective paint using the dripping technique.In the photo, one of the backdrops on the ground in the realization workshop.
Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse, ''Le prophète'' Veil made of black BZQ - Tramanet 15 with golden NRD - Painted embroidery.The veil is part of the set of costumes designed by Alessandro Ciammarughi.
The set designer and maker Keiko Shiraishi used the black BZQ - Tramanet 15 net as a support for a decoration created with the NRD - Painted embroidery technique.The photographs were taken in the making studio.
BZQ - Tramanet 15 99. black
BZQ - Tramanet 15 is a textile net that imitates the tulle.
The polyester yarn and the huck lace weave make it robust and rather resistant to deformation, but it is also equipped with a decent softness.
It is resistant to fraying, which allows it to be used with unfinished edges.
It is definitely cheaper than real tulle, but its replacement use is limited by the width of 300 cm, as well as by its coarser structure.
It is often used as a technical fabric that acts as a semi-transparent support for other materials, for decorations, for inserts made of painted ASC - Sceno muslin.
The BZT - Tramanet 34 is a larger mesh variant.
Flame reaction
FR - flame retardant
FR certification
UNI 9177 class 1
NFP 92-503 class M1
square 1,5 x 1,5 mm
100% polyester
50 g / m²
300 cm
± 50 m
Packing method
folded in half and rolled-up
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours
not available

against light
Rating 5.0
Wall effect
whith frontal lighting
Rating 3.5 used for videomapping with more projection layers
Frontal projection
Rating 4.0 white
Rating 1.5 black
Rear projection
Rating 4.0 white
Rating 1.5 black
Rating 2.0 with paintings for polyester fabrics
Rating 2.0 with inks for polyester fabrics

by the metre
in full rolls
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

BZQ - Tramanet 15 01. white99. blackThe outlined red line identifies the position of the selvage in comparison with the mesh.

This material was used for...

Teatro Sociale, ''Macbeth''

Lyric opera

Théâtre du Capitole, ''Le prophète''

Lyric opera

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