4N - Pulley Block

for fly lofts

4N - Pulley block Wheel - 1 wheel made of TFE + ball bearings Races - 5 races ě 5 mm Frame - made of enamelled steel+ additional safety pivots+ holes for the fixing to Metal grids for flyloft SWL - 500 kgsafety factor 8(CE cert. - M.D. 2006/42/CE)
4N - Pulley block
The 4N - Pulley block is mainly a multi-line pulley intended for Manual winch fly facilities with 3A - Aircraft cable.
It is designed for fixing to the Metal grids for flyloft, either upright or under-hung, when mounted to the underside of a support structure.
With suitable fixing accessories it can also be used with Fixed pulleys systems.
It can also be fixed to the ceiling with wall plugs.
ě 110mm multipline sheave
made of polyamide c/w ball bearings
5 grooves for ě 5 mm wire rope
- side plates made of steel, matt black coated
- two sets of mounting holes for overhead or underhung fixing to Metal grids for flyloft
- zincplated steel spacers and safety retainers
- steel shaft

500 kg - CE Certification (Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE)
safety factor 8
2.7 kg

For steel wire rope
3A - Aircraft cable - ě 4 and 5 mm
For textile rope
3D - DNM Rope - ě 4 and 5 mm

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Winches for fly facilities

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3D - DNM Rope


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