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TRX10 Track system 1T01 - TRX10 Rail profile made of matt black anodized aluminium600 cm bars
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Cibeles, ''Colgando del Centro'' Example of arrangement as an area for events of the central passage part of a monumental historic building in Madrid.The project used a TRX10 track system with manual walk along operation ...
... and a Traveller curtain with side opening.The curtain was manufactured in modules with vertical fullness and double face.It also performs the functions of Acoustic curtain and Sound barrier curtain.
Teatro Paulo Autran, ''Garrincha'' Traveller curtain made of painted 03. grey BSU - Super Gobelin tulle with Track system TRX10.The configuration is S.C. Single rail central opening corded manual.
Baldomero Pestana Drapery made of HRS - Satenix with:- vertical fullness 100%- type Perfect Wave Fullness- TRX10 Track systemIn this installation the curtains are not moved and the TRX10 Track system does not use an opening system, the client chose it for its extreme speed and ease of assembly.
University of Malta - Aula Magna Acoustic curtains made of ARI - Reps Ignitex using a TRX10 track system arranged along the walls thanks to which they can be manually slid to free the entrances and windows as required.Alternatively, the Acoustic curtains can be arranged to cover the entire perimeter of the hall.The TRX10 track system here has the so-called walk along opening configuration, which uses curtain push-pull rods connected to the master carriers.
Fixing components height1T30 - Suspension bracket1T31 - Top cord suspension bracket1T34 - Hook clamp + bolt1T05 - Offset plate for 1T341T35 - Hook clamp + channel nut1T36 - Collar ō 50 mm + channel nut
S.H. configuration S. Single rail central openingH. Hand pulled uncorded walk-alongfor central overlap up to 50 cmComponents1T01 - Straight rail1T02 - Connection set1T03 - End stop1T10 - Master carrier1T13 - 2 Wheel runner1T14 - Overlap arms kitFixing1T30 - Suspension bracket1T35 - Hook clamp + channel nut1T36 - Collar ō 50 mm + channel nut
TRX10 is a professional modular system for the horizontal handling of:
- medium-weight Wipe and Traveller curtains
- cycloramas
- light-weight scenery elements
The perfect solution for stages, studios, trade fairs, conference hall, etc.
Key features
- quick and easy assembly, ideal for tours
- sturdiness
- silent operation
- great versatility
- extensive range of components
- curved configurations
- motorized configurations
- tested and highly reliable

- extruded aluminium profile
- black anodized finishing
- 946 g / m weight
- 600 cm max bar length
- 200 cm max span
- 50 cm min curve radius
Rail Load Capacity

- nylon wheels with ball bearings
- with anti-noise rubber bumpers
Carriers Load Capacity
- 1T10 / 11 / 12 - Master Carriers: 30 kg
- 1T13 - 2 Wheel Runner: 10 kg
- 1KC - 4 Wheel Runner: 20 kg

Fixing options
- ceiling mounting
- wall mounting
- flying bar system
- ropes / wires suspension
- girder fixing

Main configurations
- S. Single rail central opening
- D. Double rail central opening
- L. Wipe side opening
Motion control
for S. / D. / L.
- H. Hand pulled uncorded walk-along*
- C. Corded manual*
- M. Motorized*

* both straight and curved tracks are possible
Customized solutions can be developed to suit particular needs

This material was used for...

''Baldomero Pestana''

Museums, art, architecture

Cibeles, ''Colgando del Centro''

Public places

Teatro Paulo Autran, ''Garrincha''

Operetta, zarzuela, musical

University of Malta

Public places