BGOP - Gobelin Teatro

6 point polyester sharkstooth scrim 1.040 cm

BGOP - Gobelin Teatro 01. white
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Tiziano Ferro, ''Nessunoèsolo'' BGOP - Gobelin Teatro polyester tulle is chosen above all for outdoor performances and for tours where fabrics are subjected to greater stress ...
... than those they receive during a normal theatrical performance.The greater resistance to tearing, to the action of water and to the saltiness of the polyester thread compared to cotton ...
... make polyester almost indispensable for outdoor installations and compensate for the higher production costs.
Serrat y Sabina, ''Dos pájaros de un tiro'' Audio towers covered with white BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle.
Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, ''Macbeth'' Backdrop made of black BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle on which vertical lines have been painted in grey, they simulate rays ...
... which are made to stand out or disappear by adjusting the front lighting of the tulle and that of the scene behind it.
C.N. de Teatro Clásico, ''La entretenida'' The painting on BGOP - Gobelin Teatro tulle, that remakes the poster of Gone with the Wind ...
BGOP - Gobelin Teatro is a 6-point sharktooth woven Tulle for scenography.
Its 3-thread rectangular mesh gives it a strong and stable structure, which the trevira yarn makes extremely resistant and suitable for outdoor use.
Its choice is essential for open air shows, and also for indoor or sheltered places but in climates with humidity and saltiness, circumstances particularly unfavorable to fireproof cotton fabrics.
It does not have the transparency qualities of BGO - Gobelin tulle, but it fulfills its tasks very well and in some circumstances it's indispensable
As well as for backdrops with which to alternate a screen effect with transparency, it is used for sound transparent coverings and for acoustic optimization.

Short guides about tulle:
Properties of tulle for scenography
Meshes and colours
Flame reaction
IFR - inherently flame retardant
FR certification
UNI 9177 class 1
rectangular 3,8 x 1,4 mm
100% trevira CS
110 g/m²
1,040 cm
± 55 m
Packing method
Available colours
see colour chart
Custom colours
minimum order quantity ± 55 m

against light
Rating 5.0
Wall effect
whith frontal lighting
Rating 5.0
Frontal projection
Rating 5.0 white
Rating 4.0 grey
Rating 2.0 black
Rear projection
Rating 5.0 white
Rating 4.0 grey
Rating 2.0 black
Rating 2.5 with paints for polyester fabrics
Rating 3.0 with inks for polyester fabrics

by the metre
in full bolts
in tailor made creations

Colour chart

BGOP - Gobelin Teatro 01. white05. holo grey * (2,4 + 1,8 m)99. black* availability limited to the indicated quantityThe outlined red line identifies the position of the selvage in comparison with the mesh.

This material was used for...

C.N. de Teatro Clásico, ''La entretenida''

Prose theatre

Order of the Architects of Rome

Commercial premises

Serrat y Sabina, ''Dos pájaros de un tiro''


Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, ''Macbeth''

Lyric opera

Tiziano Ferro, ''Nessunoèsolo''


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