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SL V-Box
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ShowLED Animation Controller
1 - Luminex Gigabit switchThe PC or Media server needs to be connected with an ethernet cable to the ShowLED Animation Controller.More Controllers will be linked via ethernet hub to a Luminex Gigabit Switch set in a standard 19” touring rack.2 - A single Controller is stored in a custom made flightcase, more Controllers (with a single on/off switch) in a custom touring rack.3 - Extension cables, custom made (optional).4 - ShowLED Animation backdropsStandard sizes: 4 x 9 m, 12 x 3 m, 5 x 7 m.Each curtain has 1024 LED’s and needs one Controller.5 - SL V-Box
SL V-Box is the control device for:
- ShowLED Animation
- ShowLED Animation Hybrid
- ShowLED Animation Waterproof
ShowLED Animation backdrops with SL V-Box are compatible with all media servers / video software
no additional video controllers or converters necessary
Plug & Play: just upload the configuration file and start projecting
supports Composite, VGA and S-Video signal
19'' rack mountable

Watch ShowLED web-site: ShowLED V-box
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