2DR1 - Двигатель R1

0,37 kW

2DR1 - Двигатель R1 Аксессуары 2DR1A∙01 - Rail mounting kit for Atlas2DR1A∙02 - Rail mounting kit for TRX2DR1A∙03 - Wall mounting kit2DR1A∙04 - Floor mounting kit
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A - 230 VAC - 50 Hz power supplyB1 - Opening limit switchB2 - Closing limit switch
On the right, the rope traction sheave and the integrated spring cord tensioner.

Fixing the motor to the track1. Fixing the support plate to the track2. Fixing the track supports3. Fixing the support plate to the engine4. Positioning of the double pulley
Inserting the rope1. Compression of the tensor spring2. In the rear groove of the main pulley3. In the return pulley and in the front groove4. To the double track pulley5. Release of the tensioner spring and closure
Двигатель R1 2QEW - Распределительный щит W2QE - Generic or custom Распределительный щит2QEM-7G1-15A - 230 VAC - 50 Hz power supplyB1 - Opening limit switchB2 - Closing limit switch
Двигатель R1 is an engine for Раздвижные занавесы up to 300 kg in weight (straight track configurations).
It is fixed to one end of the track extremely quickly and firmly and therefore it is suitable for both fixed and itinerant installations.
Standard power supply and control are carried out by means of the variable speed 2QEW - Распределительный щит W which disposes of various additional control options (remote control, DMX, etc.).
It stands out for its practicality, simplicity of components, reliability and excellent value for money.
232 x 195 x h 405 mm
16,8 kg
0,37 kW
21 Nm
3 x 230 / 400 VAC - 50 Hz
- power cable with connector
- No. 2 limit switch cables with connectors
- built-in spring cord tensioner
- pulley for 3E - Трос Poly Ø 8 mm
- bolts for fixing to 1T01TRX10 rail
- variable speed 0,0 ÷ 0,9 m / s (with 2QEW - Распределительный щит W)
- noise level CEI EN 60034-9 Standards
- for curtains weighing up to 300 kg (straight layout)
- for curtains weighing up to 200 kg (curved layout)

Optional control parts
- 2QER - Пост кнопочный
- 2RC - Пульт дистанционного управления C
- 2QEP - Подвесной пульт
- 2QEX - DMX512 controller

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