Flyloft system


A Flyloft example realized with Metal grids for flyloft, Pulleys and Blocks.The view from the bottom puts in evidence also the primary and secondary the structure that sustains the grids.
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Metal grids for flyloft - 3 m bars- 6 m bars- galvanized iron 20/10- upset U section- with special buttonholes for the insertion of pulleys and blocks
Fly facilities with flyloft system The Flyloft is realized with:- Metal grids for flyloft- 4TA 2 - Auto-blocking TFE pulley 2 wheels- 4LA - Auto-blocking wooden block - 3E - Poly rope
4N - Pulley block Wheel - 1 wheel made of TFE + ball bearings Races - 5 races ō 4 mm Frame - made of galvanized iron+ additional safety pivots+ holes for the fixing to Metal grids for flyloft SWL - 500 kgsafety factor 8CE certification (Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE)
4N - Pulley block
4LR - Wooden block (wheel) Wheel - made of turned seasoned beech wood Item - Width - Max. load (CE cert. - M.D. 2006/42/CE) 4L60R - 60 mm - 60 kg - with 4UP - Pin for roller 4L70R - 70 mm - 55 kg - '' 4L80R - 80 mm - 50 kg - '' 4L... R - custom - on demand
4L 60R - Wooden block width 60 mm + 4UP - Pin for rollerWheel - made of turned seasoned beech wood The most common fasteners of the blocks to the wooden Flyloft are the following.1. with round pivot and flat extremity 2. with round pivot3. with round pivot and clampsScrews, nails and clamps for fastening are not for sale.
4PR - PVC Roller (wheel) Wheel - made of turned PVC Item - Width - Max. load (CE cert. - M.D. 2006/42/CE) 4P60R - 60 mm - 125 kg - with 4UP - Pin for roller 4P70R - 70 mm - 125 kg - '' 4P80R - 80 mm - 125 kg - ''
The Flyloft is a stage structure that allows to install and to enliven in the easiest and more functional way the backdrops, scenes and suspended scene machines.
It asks for the installation of a primary structure and of a secondary one, on which they are fixed, parallelly to the portal line, the practicable metal grids among which the fly facilities are lowered.
Often in small size theaters it is not possible its installation because of an insufficient height of the stage.
The grids can be realized with outlined metal, wood or with mixed solutions in which the wood grids are strengthened with outlined metal.
- access from the top
- easy positioning of the fly facilities in every point of the stage
- elevated capacity load
- necessity of a sufficient height of the stage

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