2DR1 - Rope Drive System R1

0.37 kW

2DR1 - R1 Rope Drive System Accessories 2DR1A∙01 - Rail mounting kit for Atlas2DR1A∙02 - Rail mounting kit for TRX2DR1A∙03 - Wall mounting kit2DR1A∙04 - Floor mounting kit
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A - 230 VAC - 50 Hz power supplyB1 - Opening limit switchB2 - Closing limit switch
On the right, the rope traction sheave and the integrated spring cord tensioner.

Fixing the motor to the track1. Fixing the support plate to the track2. Fixing the track supports3. Fixing the support plate to the engine4. Positioning of the double pulley
Inserting the rope1. Compression of the tensor spring2. In the rear groove of the main pulley3. In the return pulley and in the front groove4. To the double track pulley5. Release of the tensioner spring and closure
R1 Rope Drive System 2QEW - W panel board2QE - Generic or custom Panel board2QEM-7G1-15A - 230 VAC - 50 Hz power supplyB1 - Opening limit switchB2 - Closing limit switch
2DR1 is our drive system for Greek-style curtains, designed to handle draperies up to 300 kg, ensuring robustness, quiet operation, and total safety in every application.

Designed for cord-operated systems, both straight and curved, it is fully compatible with the ATLAS and TRX lines. The system is versatile: designed for ceiling track installation, it can also be wall or floor mounted with specific brackets, adapting perfectly to the needs of any stage space.

2DR1 integrates a spring system for rope tension control, enhancing the traction of the drive pulley. It also features a manual mechanical release to disengage the pulley from the motor, convenient during installation and useful in emergency stop situations.

All main controls are extremely intuitively manageable. Variable speed allows precise movement control, perfectly adapting to stage requirements. Acceleration and deceleration ramps are also adjustable to ensure smooth and controlled transitions.

2DR1 is prepared for remote control via wired control panel or radio control. The Pro version of the 2QEW control unit also supports DMX protocol. All 2QEW units are independent and located away from the motor for quicker maintenance, without occupying overhead space.

Every theater and stage space is unique: we offer the possibility to customize the system to perfectly fit your specific needs. Special executions with ground-level automatic release system and motor with brake are available upon request.
230 x 226 x h 578 mm
19,3 kg
0.37 kW
26,5 Nm
Max load
300 kg (200 kg curved track)
adjustable 0,0 ÷ 1,0 m/s
Power supply
1x230 VAC - 50 Hz
- compatible with ATLAS and TRX line
- mounting options: rail, wall, or floor
- drive pulley with 2 grooves for 8 mm rope
- built-in spring tensioner
- manual mechanical release system
- limit switch with XLR connectors
- control cable wired with connectors, standard length 15m

Control units
2QEW-M230S Standard
- open/stop/close controls
- speed adjustment
- emergency stop
- ready for remote controls (wired or radio)
- motor reverse switch

- open/stop/close controls
- speed adjustment
- emergency stop
- control via DMX (open/close/speed)
- ready for remote controls (wired or radio)
- motor reverse switch
Remote control stations
- 2QER-01 open/stop/close
- 2QER-02 open/stop/close + speed adjustment
- 2QER-ESB remote emergency stop (for DMX only)
- 2RC radio control kit

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