9TL - Деревянные рамы

для сценографии

Flat with Деревянная рама visible on the back, the front is here covered with black COS - Oscurante molton.It is partially equipped with a shatterproof panel.The closure with the panel can be complete, but ...
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... the strengthening of the lower part only, where the risk of breaking the fabric is greater, helps to reduce the weight.
The Sessantina, horizontal metal bar used for transport, removable if necessary.
Metal Bases, to screw the foot of the wing to the stage.They can be equipped with eyelet for tying ropes to be used in different situations.
Eyelet on the upper side for fixing the Strops.It can also be used with
Detail of the reinforcement bar fixed to the frame by gluing.
Framed border covered with black COS - Oscurante molton ...
... consisting of two custom-made Деревянные рамы.The frames are firmly fixed together by ...
The Деревянные рамы are structural elements traditionally used for the manufacturing of:
- Framed Proscenium arches
- Framed borders
- Flats
- Backing flats
- Плафоны
- Framed Portals
- Framed Half portals
- Set pieces
- Flats
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